It is Wednesday and it is supposed to be wordless type of day. It also happens to be the first national Moscato Wine Day and I was supposed to cook some curry last night to pair it with the wine, have a date night (muy tranquilos at home). I even asked Farzana for some of her super duper special curry powder – but we got home late, Abraham wasn’t feeling well and went to sleep early, Ariel and I watched one too many Dora episodes and now I’m sitting here at midnight wanting to write.

So, yes, it is Wednesday and it will not be silent. And hopefully tonight I get to make my first attempt at Curry Chicken and will share later with you but not right now, not this madrugada.

I have to write about an image that has been circling around my head for the past week, and it is one of those that you know will materialize. I saw myself, an image of myself, a smiling image of myself standing in front of a colorful door surrounded by children. It wasn’t my son’s school, I could tell this was a different type of setting of reddish dry soil and perhaps more need than my heart can bear to think of. Still, in that picture in my mind I am happy, satisfied, smiling. I see a bit of my Mother, whom after almost forty years involved in social good, causes and justice is a tough act to follow. Maybe this image came to me because Mother’s day is so near by. Maybe because that is how the universe works – I want my son to grow up to be a writer. I am my Mother’s daughter and I will grow up sooner or later to be an activist, to be someone that helps, to be someone that cares for others.

My experience as a mother has been blessed. From the very beginning my son has had his needs covered, even when we have had to pay for his speech and occupational therapy out of pocket – we have found the means, we have had the help, the backup – and I am thankful for that. I am thankful that my son is my son, and that together we are moving forward with love and encouragement. I am thankful, thankful, thankful that all his needs are covered.

In the past couple of months I have been writing for Latina Blogger’s Connect (LBC) about Social Good initiatives. LBC has partnered with Mom Bloggers for Social Good to bring awareness and help different causes and people around the world.

That is how I learned about Kibera – the world’s largest slum where 1 million people live in an area roughly the size of Central Park. Kibera moved me, awakened the marvelous piece of doing good and caring my mother implanted in me – not in theory but by example.

Last weekend while at Mom 2.0 Summit I had the pleasure of meeting an activist who has been and worked at Kibera. I could feel my face lit up as she mentioned Kenya. We spoke briefly about the article about the Kibera School for Girls in this month’s Vogue and how moving it was to read that story. I applaud the people behind that school for what they believe and for enabling those one girls to have an education, to create gender equality and break the circle.

Also at Mom2.0 I had the chance to suggest to Perrigo, one of the exhibitor’s who had extra swag in the form of medication and items for children, to donate all their extra stuff to Lotus House Shelter here in Miami. That felt amazing. Just being able to provide information and thinking how other people would benefit from it. I am so thankful to Kelly, for being open to the idea.

While at the Summit, Ana of LBC introduced me to Danica, a sweet heart of a woman who presented me with a lovely pendant in the shape of a Heart. It is part of the Heart of Haiti collection, from whom I had already received a bracelet as a Mother’s Day Gift. Both pieces are gorgeous – from the packaging, the message and the pictures of the artisans included make you connect immediately. Last Monday, I wore the heart and I received so many compliments about it. It made me happy to be able to tell people about Heart of Haiti and how they could help. And you know what? It feels amazing to help! (Or just tell people HOW they can help, really. And see, a pendant or a bracelet can make a difference,so get your Mother’s Day Gifts from Heart of Haiti.)

As a child I was extremely lucky to have parents that believed in treating us (my sister and myself) like princesses but also educating us and giving us the tools to be cuatriboleadas. My privileges extended to an amazing education, travels, and a life under the UN umbrella.

I am close to forty. My rock and roll idols are in their fifties. I don’t know if I will have another child. There are many things that need to get in check in my life – my health, priorities, the book, the writing…but I can’t deny that I am my Mother’s child and Kibera is calling me.

We’ll see where that road takes me but be it Kibera or Haiti or another place, I am pretty sure I will end up at a colorful building surrounded by laughing children just like the picture in my head.

23 Responses to And a not so Wordless Wednesday : On Social Good

  1. Girls. Have an amazing day. You’ve definitely inspired me today.

  2. Unknown Mami says:

    Gosh darn it Mujer, you made me cry. You make your mother proud and me too. Beautiful post.
    Unknown Mami recently posted..A Love Story on Wheels {Sponsored Video}

  3. rachel says:

    Love this post. And Danica is pretty amazing w/ all she is doing. Glad to see this movement in Social Media.
    rachel recently posted..birthing you

  4. RubyDW says:

    Amiga you are an inspiration I wish you many more blessings and may your son grow up to be as inspiring and full of life as you are!
    RubyDW recently posted..Pamper Mama this Mother’s Day #giveaway #celebratemama

    • Helenation says:

      Gracias amiga! Your comments warms my heart and yes, I hope to be as good an example to my son as my mother is to me.

  5. Ana Flores says:

    I smiled the whole way through..y casi, casi chillo, but the smile wins because this is full of joy.
    Amiga, life is shouting loud and clear and it´s beautiful to see you’re listening.
    It´s your legacy and every time we talk about social causes you light up.
    Vamos con todo!
    Ana Flores recently posted..When Bilingual Education Is NOT Okay

    • Helenation says:

      Vamos con todo, porque tu tambien señorita light up when we speak about it. I am very happy to be a tiny part of this through LBC :)

  6. Ericka says:

    Very inspiring. Thanks for spreading the word.
    Ericka recently posted..Yucatan Lime Soup | Sopa de Lima and IMUSA Caldero {Giveaway}

  7. Helena, you are such a gifted writer. Your posts are a pleasure to read and a salve for my overworked brain. Mil gracias – you inspire me.
    Pamela Pajuelo recently posted..Wine Holiday: May 9 is National Moscato Day

  8. wow. two things: glad you tackled cooking since you just told me you’re not a cooking Mami! and, what great connects at Mom2.0! Those orgs sound amazing and doing the things I enjoy lobbying and supporting. Thanks for sharing their sites.
    Bren @ B So Chic!™ recently posted..On Being Orgullosa. A Proud Life Stylist

    • Helenation says:

      Girl! I am attempting curry because I have a recipe and my friend Farzana then gave me a step by step on how to do it. Pero soy un desastre en la cocina. Love to hear you like to lobby and support these orgs. you are pura fuerza!

  9. Uchi says:

    wow! I am proud of you !! thanks for sharing amiga
    un abrazooooooo

  10. Hi there! Although I am new to your blog, I am super excited to keep reading. Honestly, some of the best written stuff I’ve read in a long time. Also, I adore your message and, from the comments above, what seems to be your loving, caring heart. Oh, and since I am also a Britax Mom, I truly hope to meet you in person one day! {I missed the NC trip because of my little chulo that was just born.} Abrazos, Vanessa

  11. Teresa Garza says:

    Lovely Helena… Estoy muy sentimental ahorita.. también casi lloro…. Saludos,

  12. I’m thankful for people like you. Thank you for reminding us what life is all about. Very inspiring post.
    Notas de Mamá recently posted..Miércoles Mudo – Wordless Wednesday

  13. S. Yissele says:

    Beautiful post Amiga!!! snif! snif! realmente me hiciste reflexionar e inspirarme. Espero que tengas un Día de la Madre excelente! Cariños!
    S. Yissele recently posted..Intenciones / Intentions ~ Miércoles Mudo / Wordless Wednesday: Al Día Siguiente de la Party mi Pequeña Seguia Celebrando ;D

  14. Dalia Goldaracena says:

    Que bonito lo que escribiste! Es muy inspirador y me hace recordar los años en que hacer servicio social durante la secundaria y preparatoria en Tampico Mexico.

    Mi nombre es Dalia Goldaracena y me pasaron aquí en la escuela donde trabajo en Texas mis compañeras maestras el link de un post acerca de la educación y Mao, que lo tenia que leer que porque era muy bueno, y cuando lo leo me doy cuenta que lo escribió Zavala.

    Zavala fue compañero de la secundaria en el cultural en Tampico. Su post es muy bueno y después de leerlo me puse a ver otras partes del blog y llegue a este post que es muy bonito e inspirador. Al leerlo me hizo recordar los tiempos en que Zavala y yo hacíamos servicio social en el asilo de ancianos San Vicente de Paul donde ayudábamos a los viejitos en todo. Los bañábamos, cambiábamos, les dabamos de comer, y les hacíamos compañía. La verdad no me gustaba en un principio pero con el tiempo aprendi que crecia como ser humano al ayudar a esos viejitos.

    Tu post me hizo darme cuenta que quiero volver a hacer servicio social y ayudar otra vez. Gracias y saludos a Zavala

    P.D. Cuando vuelve a salir otro articulo de Zavala en tu blog? Sus posts son muy chingones y aquí en la escuela ya tiene su club de seguidores entre los maestros de la escuela donde doy clases.

  15. The universe is calling you, Helena! You will know when the time is right. In the meantime, read, write, listen, keep being the beautiful person who you are, inside and out. So proud to call you, Amiga. <3
    Ezzy Guerrero-Languzzi recently posted..iPhone Moments

  16. Great post amiga!!! Como dicen en nuestra tierra
    : Pa’lante es pa’ya . Estoy segura que vas a recorrer paisajes interesantes y aqui estaremos leyendote y viviendolo a traves de tus post. Un beso.
    Oriana from MommyhoodsDiary recently posted..Avocado Sauce Recipe ~ Guasacaca Recipe

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