Yesterday I got one a phone call from Ariel’s school. Upon seeing the schools name on the caller ID I completely freaked out. I think that the Vice-Principal could totally tell because her first words were “Don’t worry, he is ok”.

I breathed. And then she said something that sounded like piojos and three people checked his hair, and dead. I’m sure she said dead. Wait, what? “He has head lice?” I asked. “How is that even possible – he hasn’t been scratching his head. I wash his hair twice a day!”

Don’t ask me how the rest of the conversation went because I don’t remember that part either. All I know is that flew out of the office como alma que lleva el diablo. What was I supposed to do? The only reference that came to mind was the clip in the movie “The Switch” with Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston.

Really? A movie clip is all that I can think about on how to get rid of head lice? And it is at those moments that I feel so completely inadequate. How the hell am I a Mom? Where’s the Mommy chip with all the answers and how come I don’t have it? Has anyone else felt this way?

And then I remembered, Shampoo Avispa – the Venezuelan piojos annihilator. So the answer was clear. Head out to Target before picking him up and buy lice shampoo. (Wait is that what its called in English?)

I walked the pharmacy aisles at Target looking for it and couldn’t find it. I saw a young man that worked at the store and walked to him, I then whispered “Where can I find shampoo to get rid of lice?”
“Lice shampoo?” he repeated very loudly. “Not sure. Check the shampoo aisle.”
At the word lice everyone that was around me turned to stare. I smiled and called my sister.

“Hola. Que Ariel y que tiene unos piojos muertos.” I told her scratching my head. (Are you scratching yours yet?)
“Como se llama el shampoo Avispa en este país?” I asked her.
“Googling. It says to wash everything. And pets don’t get lice.”
“I’m texting you the info.”
“Dale, thanks. I don’t know what I’m doing. Can I get a surrogate mother to take care of the lice? Que ladillaaaaaaa!” As I finished saying ladilla I saw another Target worker. A lady. A Latina lady. A Latina Lady that understood when I asked her for shampoo anti-piojos. She looked at me and took me over to the Hispanic aisle and handed me a little box MATA PIOJOS and said “This will help you!”

I read over the box – Champu para elminar piojos y ladillas and started laughing.

“Haydee!” I laughed into the phone. ” I think the lady thinks I have ladillas…” because dear friends even though to me ladilla is an expression meaning pain the butt, ladilla is the name for pubic (crab) lice.

I wanted to go back and tell the lady that I needed the medicine for head lice only. But decided against it.

Instead I bought new pillows and sheet sets for Ariel and for ourselves. I figured lice was as good an excuse as any to give the beddings a little updating.

I drove up to his school and almost ran to his classroom. I saw him smile and all my I-am-a-sucky-Mom insecurities melted. I gave him a big hug and a kiss. We got home and with a lot of patience on both sides I went through his mata de pelo with that ladilla (pesty) little comb. I honestly didn’t find anything – ni piojos, ni liendres. Still did the shampoo and washed absolutely everything. And oh,yeah we slept very comfy on our new pillows.

PS. I have found this site to have interesting info:

23 Responses to Did you say Piojos?

  1. Rosalinda Morales says:

    La primera vez que Isabella agarro piojo (la unica) yo le vi una alergia en la cabecita y la lleve al pediatra esmachetada y el dr. me dice no es alergia es que tiene familia.. y yo con cara de ponchada le dije: familia? de quien?? me dice de Piojos! y mi reaccion cual fue?: ponerme a llorar y decirle que noooo que mi pelo que yo no queria que me los pegara!!!!!! y me lo agarraba en una cola.. y el doctor me dijo senora calmese la de los piojos es la nina no usted..

    • admin says:

      jajajaja bueno yo casi que estoy con gorro de pelo jajajaja Gracias por leer y compartir. Un besote…y tu pelo es bellisimo!

  2. Looks like you saved the day after your Target adventure to find the shampoo. Glad you little one is okay :)
    Patty at A Day in My NYC recently posted..A Favor for My Sister

  3. Vanessa says:

    I love this post. I freak out at the thought of having to deal with that stuff with my two kids. Lol Nice to see I’m not the only one. Lol

  4. Cristina says:

    jajaja, Helena, como me haces reir!
    Yo le reviso la cabeza a mi nina muy seguido por el miedo de que pronto aparezcan los bichitos esos. De momento todo va bien,jajaja.
    Saludos desde California!
    Cristina recently posted..¡Regresa “Finding Nemo”!

  5. nina says:

    ahahaha, that a was a good story, but it brought back some childhood memories for me..ahaha..piojos are the WORST..solo lei esa palabra y me empeso a pixar la cabeza :/ hahaha my mom loved picking out and killing piojos..ahahahaha

  6. Kellie says:

    You’re such a great mommy.

    • admin says:

      Thank you Kel. But I suck. LOL! I wanted to rent a surrogate mom to take care of his piojos…and send him back when all was well

  7. I remember when I had lice – I was afraid to scratch my head at school. I was still in Chile and my mother soaked my head in vinegar in the sink (ayyyyy!) then shampooed the LIFE out of my head, then….cut my hair! TERRIBLE! I cried and looked like a boy :( But everyone gets them but now that I’m a mamá it grosses me out.
    Maria Jose @verybusymama recently posted..Let’s talk about socks baby…

  8. Vaseline! Smother those little suckers with it. They’ll be gone in no time. Plus, Ariel will have shiny hair for a good week after you wash it out. :)

  9. No pasa nada! Worst case escenario lo rapamos y ya! =)

  10. I hope your kiddo is doing okay after such misfortune. Oh no, it’s amazing what kids can get nowadays. Well, at least, you got new comfy pillows :)
    Barbara Mascareno recently posted..Gravity: Weighing Heavy and Light Objects

  11. I love that Target came through with Mata Piojos – there’s a brand name that delivers on its promise. And by the looks of it, you’re a wonderful mom. Thanks for sharing!
    Pamela Pajuelo recently posted..Comfort food goes better with wine

  12. silvia says:

    Me hiciste reir un montón con tu historia, me recordó viejos tiempos de carcajadas.

    Yo se que piojos no es cosa de risa, pero bueno… tu lo hiciste bastante entretenido! Saludos!
    silvia recently posted..Tips Sobre que Empacar para tu Viaje a Yosemite con Niños

  13. jajajaj te odio! si me estoy rascando la cabeza jajaja
    Me acuerdo de una vez que enviaron un recado de la escuela de Gigi para avisar que había ‘epidemia’ de piojos y que teníamos que tener precauciones… yo también fui a comprar el shampoo.. bueno mandé al papá jajaja
    Luego decía el papá pero cómo? qué tal que se le pegan y con el ‘greñero’ (cabellera) que tiene nunca se le van a quitar y se nos van a pegar yo no puedo andar por la vida con piojos y le dije ay corazón se aburrían los pobres, ni pelo tienes a ti te hago un ‘scanneo’ y veo si tienes o no… entonces me miro así ¬¬ jajaja
    Pero como dice mi papá.. ‘pasa hasta en las mejores familias’
    Ana Laura de Romero recently posted....::Miércoles Mudo::.. Ya no quiere fotos

  14. S. Yissele says:

    Jajajaaa… Siempre tan graciosa Helena, todavia no paso Por eso con mi pequeña y tampoco quiero,que miedo y a mi también me esta Picando la cabeza! Lol Saludos!
    S. Yissele recently posted..Intenciones / Intentions ~ Miércoles Mudo / WordLess Wednesday: Durmiendo con mi Lala Q.E.P.D. ;(

  15. Ay! You made me laugh so much! I dread the day my girl gets piojos, and honestly, hope she never does. I still remember when I got them as a girl and all the trouble my mom went through to get them out. Yuck!
    Melanie Edwards Ella Media & recently posted..SeaWorld’s Just for Kids Festival: Wordless Wednesday

  16. OH MY GOD! Helena, I’ve been behind in my reading. *LMFAO* You are so funny. I’d probably freak, too, if I got that call at work. But what the hell? You poor thing. You know I did hair for a while when my son was small and piojos were like the kiss of death at the salon. We’d have to throw all the towels out if the varmint went undiscovered until after the shampoo. I’m glad everything worked out for you guys. At least Ariel tiene una cabezita chica so you didn’t have too much area to cover. Imagine if you’d had to get them out of yours! OMG
    Ezzy Guerrero-Languzzi recently posted..I Want to Be Educated

  17. naty says:

    Lmaoooooo Thank you for putting a smile in my face while I’m freaking out because la familia piojo has decided to visit our household. . We are going on two weeks.just bought mata piojo. Hopefully this works.

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