I am not one to talk politics. Ok, let me rephrase that I was not one to talk politics. I am not the best person at debates and I don’t like stepping on nobody’s toes, I respect what other people think (even if I disagree) and won’t try to convince you otherwise.

I’m just going to tell you a story, my story and hopefully it will get you out to vote.

I’ll tell you two stories actually and hopefully at some point they will mix and make sense.

Four years ago my family was going through a very tough financial time – my husband’s business had gone bankrupt, we were late on our house payments, we didn’t have any money on our bank accounts, the only reason I had a cell phone was because the company I worked for paid for it and I had a 1 year old baby. Not the best situation ever.

My husband was able to get a job at a gym in a high rise in Aventura, where half the apartments were in foreclosure,after that he worked at a hardware store. And I should add my husband is fully bilingual, also speaks Portuguese, studied Law in México and Economics here yet there was no job for him.

We were then put in a situation that became pretty common but back then was new for us. My husband got a job in San Antonio and we stayed behind in Miami. It was tough for all of us. Six months later he returned to Miami and all he could find was a job at a beauty supply store working almost 72 hours a week for a set salary of $600 a week.

As far as the house we were able to work something out with the bank. We avoided foreclosure. We still live in the same little house that we worked so hard to get and were so excited to buy ten years ago.

Fastforward to 2012 and again he was in a situation where he needed a new job. This time around after only one week of sending resumes he was able to get interviews and a great professional job offer.

I tell this story because when I hear people say things are not better than they were four years ago I have to disagree. At least in our world, in our reality they are better.

My second story comes from another part of the world from Venezuela. This past 7th of October I saw Venezuelans flood the streets looking for a change, and wanting their voices heard. It was very emotional to see the turn out at the polls. It was extremely emotional to see so many of my friends drive from Miami to New Orleans to vote.

So, let’s not take the vote for granted and let’s go out and vote. It is important. If we want our voices heard, if we want to show that we are here and how much we count let’s go out and vote.

And if you are wondering who I’ll vote for, I’ll tell you I’m voting for President Obama. I am voting for him because I believe the economy is getting better and will continue to improve. I am voting for him because I think my body is mine, yours is yours and you are the only person that can decide what happens to your body. I am voting for Obama because I think everybody should have access to health insurance – my son needs speech and occupational therapies and guess what? My insurance doesn’t cover them. I have to pay out of pocket. I am very lucky to be able to afford them but I know there are families out there that can’t and they should have the chance to get and give their children the services they need.

And now I must go out and VOTE


2 Responses to Go VOTE!

  1. Poignant post, Helena. This election fired me up in a way I didn’t think was possible. I’m optimistic that our country will continue to make progress and LOVE that people are starting notice the changing face of America. Hey, on a different topic, will I see you at Hispanicize? :-)

  2. I am not an American but if I could I would have voted for Obama
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