I believe I have previously shared how my sister knows more about make up than I do, and how she gets more excited about it. I think it is because she learned how to do her makeup and I haven’t mastered it, yet.

Yes, yet!

I say yet, because a couple of months ago I was lucky to have been invited to a makeup class taught by none other than Bobbi Brown makeup genius extraordinaire Rogelio Reyna. The class was taught following Bobbi Brown’s Pretty Powerful 10 Step Lesson and the best part was that I got to do it myself. Yeap! And even though after that intro I feel more comfortable putting makeup on if I ever need a refresh help is a Bobbi Brown counter away.(You can get the same class too at any counter)

I really loved how the makeup feels and looks natural – and believe me when I said Rogelio used a lot to cover my ojeras.

And then at the beginning of this month I got a little box in the mail with the Uber Nude Lip & Eye Palette and I clearly understood why my sister goes crazy over makeup. This palette is simply gorgeous…and as much as I wanted to keep it, I gifted it to my sister who is still drooling over it.

Wouldn’t you be too?

New, Limited Edition
Lip & Eye Palettes
Two Eye Shadows plus two Lip Colors plus a mini Lip Gloss, making it the perfect stocking stuffer and purse companion. It will fit just about anywhere… including your budget.

Uber Nude Lip & Eye Palette Shades:
Navajo Eye Shadow
Downtown Eye Shadow (New)
Espresso Eye Shadow
Uber Beige Lip Color
Blushed Heather Glitter Lip Gloss (New)
Nude Glitter Lip Gloss

This limited edition palette is now available and costs $30. Dale! go get one :)

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