About three weeks ago I found myself doing something I rarely do: buying a gallon of water. It was definitely easier and lighter than filling up a 5 gallon jug and trying to turn it upside down into the water dispenser we have at home but how much long was it going to last me? When would I have to go back to get another one? Or would I attempt to lift that heavy 5 gallon jug?

I wished for an easier way to get drinking water. A few hours later I received an email asking me if I would like to review a Pur Water Filters. I was very happy and surprised (and wished for the lotto winning numbers but those haven’t arrived).

My water filter arrived in a small box with a very easy set of instructions which were very straight forward and easy to follow. I installed the filter in five easy steps that took less than five minutes. I removed the original aerator and the washer, I chose a new adapter (four different sizes come in the package) and tightened the new adapter. I then took the cover off, inserted a filter, replaced the cover and installed the PUR device with one click.

After installation it was very easy to use and the water tastes really great. I love to see my son carry a little chair to the kitchen, place it in front of the sink and then get himself some water.

I am very happy with the PUR filter because it is convenient, easy to use, looks great and water tastes great. Also when comparing the use of PUR to buying bottled water you can save up to $1,000 a year and replace up to 3,000 plastic bottles a year (doesn’t that make you smile?)

And now for the giveaway…

PUR Water Filter will send one lucky winner one faucet mount filter like the one I got. Enter here:

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24 Responses to Pur Water Filter Review & #Giveaway

  1. Elis B. says:

    I like to drink filtered water.

  2. daysi morales says:

    en mi casa usamos el agua de jarrafon y si me gustaria probar el agua de este sistema de filtraccion gracias!!

  3. GILDA CAMPOS says:

    Me gustaría ganarlo, porque es una excelente manera de contribuir en el cuidado del medio ambiente, ya que permite evitar la compra desmedida de botellas de agua purificada.

  4. John Hutchens says:

    it has a better flavor than tap water

  5. brenda c says:

    we have very hard water

  6. angie says:

    I would love to have cleaner water to drink out of the tap.

  7. Janice Whitaker says:

    We have county water that comes from a river and it taste horrible…Sometimes it is even red looking like the river it comes from.. yuck

  8. Mary Casper says:

    I have always wanted a filtering system I just think filtered water is better

  9. Barbara Montag says:

    Our water supply is from the river – I know it isn’t good for us.
    Thank you.

  10. Katherine says:

    Because my well water tastes like sulphur

  11. Diane W says:

    I would love to win a Pur filter because I am tired of messing with a Brita pitcher

    diane dot wortman at gmail dot com

  12. Carla C says:

    Our water taste like chlorine and we have to filter it or the kids won’t drink it.

  13. Christine says:

    to have cleaner water

  14. Haydecita says:

    Now that my mother comes and visits for a few weeks, she stays at a place that would be so convenient to have the Pur filter, that way I don’t have to worry about buying her gallons of water!

  15. Debbie says:

    Our water is very hard here in Utah. The typical water heater only lasts about 5-7 years because of all of the minerals and deposits. I would love to have one to hook up to my sink and know my family is drinking much cleaner water.
    Debbie recently posted..Tips for Buying Emergency Food Storage Kits

  16. MaryR says:

    I think filtered water tastes better.

  17. Dorothy Deakyne says:

    my son drinks alot of water, quality is a must

  18. Justin C says:

    My city is known to have lowish standards for their water

  19. Karen Gonyea says:

    I like to know that there are less pollutants in the water I am giving to my children.

  20. My tap is gross!
    Thanks for the giveaway! Janna Johnson jannajanna@hotmail.com Janna@feedyourpig on gfc
    Janna Johnson recently posted..Handmade Christmas Giveaway! iCase Couture!

  21. April Brenay says:

    Would love this for my kitchen

  22. Lilyana Cruz says:

    me gustaria ganarporque se es excelente en purificar agua ademas buenisimo para ahorrar y contribuir en el cuidado de nuestro planeta :)

  23. Erica C. says:

    This would be great to have.

  24. Meg says:

    I have done plenty of research on what contaminants and impurities are in the water these days, and don’t feel that this water filter would filter everything out. I agree a water filter is better than nothing, but these days, some sort of water purification system is needed.

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