As I was growing up it and lived in Venezuela everyone in my family had a dish they were known for. My Mom would make her pernil or arroz (verde, amarillo, con gandules), My Grandmother the hallacas and my Tia Manina the quesillo y ponque.

I don’t think my Mom ever attempted to make quesillo, the Venezuelan version of flan, that most of us grew up eating along a slice of cake at every party, family reunion, School or Holiday Party. Torta con quesillo.

In my family my Manina’s quesillo has ruled for as long as I can remember.

Thing is she lives in Caracas and my sister and I are in Miami and this Thanksgiving I felt someone should continue with the quesillo tradition in our family. This is an honor I normally would have bestowed upon my sister but seeing as she was already taking care of the turkey and dinner was at her house…well, you get it.

Quesillo was mine to make.

And dear friend, since we’ve known each other for a little while now and I don’t think you’ll dump me – I’ll let you know that I am disaster in the kitchen. Ojo! The final result will probably be good and tasty but the process is a nightmare. Consider yourself lucky you don’t get to see pots and pans flying or hear me scream MotherLOVER! as the desperation of not having the correct ingredients handy overcomes me.

After deciding I would attempt to make quesillo I studied the many recipes a quick Google search and my blogger friends Naturalmente Mamá,Party Artist and Mommyhood’s Diary provided.

Armed with my condensed milk, eggs, whole, milk, vanilla, a flanera and sugar I waited until Thursday to make quesillo for the first time.

First surprise: I only bought a 12 oz container of sugar. I had already used 1 cup of sugar for a cheesecake. First step for Quesillo was to make caramel that called for 1 cup (8oz) of sugar.

Oh, well! I added what sugar I had to the flanera (yes, I bought one) and added 1 cup of water. Wait. What? That couldn’t be right, that’s not what it looked like in the picture. This was just plain water.

In true I Love Lucy Style I knocked on my neighbors door and asked for a cup of sugar. Plus in true 2011 style I ran to Facebook and had a little venting session. My sister and my cousin Gustavo (who lives in Malta) came to the rescue. He even sent me a link to a YouTube video on how to make caramel with 1/4 cup of sugar in the microwave.

I tend to exaggerate, but I am being honest when I tell you I spent about an hour and half making caramel. Pouring more and more sugar into the flanera. Desperate ’cause Publix was closed and too embarrassed to ask my vecina for another cup. Lucky at the end of the day I was able to salvage some of the caramel (hasta lo cole mi gente!) and the rest of the process seemed to go smoothly.

When we took it out of the flanera at my sister’s house this is what it looked like:

After taking a bite my sister smiled and said “It’s good…but it tastes like flan not quesillo!”

I later realized I only used 4 eggs when the recipe calls for 5 and cooked it for 1 hr when it said 1/2.

And that friends is why this holiday season I will be practicing quesillo making every motherloving weekend and you are more than welcome to stop by and try it!

In case you are wondering I ended up using my cousin’s Maria Antoniota’s maternal grandmother’s recipe.

Quesillo de la Tata (con modificaciones)

1 14 oz. Can Condensed milk
14 oz. Whole milk (measure in the condensed milk can)(or a can of evaporated milk)
5 eggs
1 Tablespoon Vanilla (I used organic which to me tastes a bit diff. not so sweet)
1 Tablespoon Sotol (you can use rum, Sotol was all we had)

1 cup of sugar
1 tablespoon water
Or follow this Youtube microwave easy recipe

What to do?

First make the caramel and cover the flanera/container with it. (You’ll probably do this better than me!)
Next? Throw the rest of the ingredients (eggs, condensed milk, milk, vanilla and optional rum) in the blender.
Pour mix into the flanera and cover.
Place it in the oven a baño maria for 45 minutes.

Very important – let it cool before taking it out of the flanera

Eat it! Or better yet – go to Caracas and eat Manina’s 😉

17 Responses to Quesillo – Easy Venezuelan Flan Recipe

  1. I bet is was good despite the problemas.
    Making caramelo was the hardest thing about making flan when I first started.
    I use 2/3 cup of sugar to 3 TBSP water. Makes enough to coat a pie pan.

    Y glad you have picked up tradition! One day your family will share memories of your quesillos!
    Carrie at Tiki Tiki! recently posted..It’s About Being Present, not Presents

  2. ok… so im still a bit confused on the difference b/w quesillo and flan… i don’t add water to my sugar unless i’m doing something very specific to the flan… either way, a great story and the flan doesn’t look bad for having made it for the 1st time!!
    Bren @ Flanboyant Eats™ recently posted..Mojo Roasted Turkey with Jacques Pépin’s Mushroom Armagnac Sauce

  3. I’m sure it was great… looking at the ingredients, I can’t imagine it didn’t come out superb. Will have to give it a try.
    Presley’s Pantry recently posted..Just in time for the Holidays! My lovely Peanut Butter and Jam Cookies!

  4. Maria Antonieta says:

    OMG!!! This cooking adventure was a great read!! I’m sure the quesillo was “rico, rico”. My Tata’s recipe is one of the best quesillo recipes I’ve ever seen. I’m very honored that you published her recipe on your Blog.

  5. lisarenata says:

    That is too funny, but really isn’t that how we learn? Through trial and error? Suerte in the upcoming trials! I know you’ll succeed.
    lisarenata recently posted..pipe-cleaners, cotton balls and bows! (kids christmas craft)

  6. Amiga el quesillo te quedo de revista! Felicidades
    Oriana from Mommyhood’s Diary recently posted..Tantrums… Hand in there Mommy!

  7. Unknown Mami says:

    Well, it looks beautiful and it tasted good. I say well done.
    Unknown Mami recently posted..Saving Gracie

  8. I can smell the aroma of vanilla now. Thank you for sharing your delicious quesillo recipe. I will definitely try it.
    Eva Smith of Tech.Food.Life. recently posted..My Favorite Holiday Recipe | Mashed Potatoes

  9. Helena, this looks sooooo yummy. I don’t believe that you’re a disaster in the kitchen for one minute. My madrina (from Colombia) makes the most unbelievable flan … I’ve never attempted to make it (especially now that mi mami’s in California), but I’m going for it next week. :) Great post. xoxo
    Ezzy Guerrero-Languzzi recently posted..MIERCOLES MUDO: Se Parte El Sol Por La Luna

  10. […] It’s Photoshop? I recently made my first flan (intento de quesillo) and though it came out looking good – caramel making was a disaster. When I told my […]

  11. Angelica Leon Chong says:

    Helena no sabia que en tu país le dicen quesillo al flan. Me parece una receta muy buena y la hare con eso de que me encantan los dulces 😉 Gracias

  12. Jay says:

    Hello, Helena.

    Thank you for sharing the recipe; your instructions are very easy to follow, but just one question: what is the difference between flan and quesillo? Thanks.

    • Helenation says:

      Hi Jay, thanks for stopping by. The main difference is the number of eggs the recipe calls for – flan calls for less and only uses yolk while Quesillo calls for the whole egg. I think you can tell the difference in the texture quesillo is a tad more firm. Let me know how it comes out!

  13. Oko says:

    Hi, what temperature is this baked at in the oven? Thank you!

  14. Marian says:

    Jajaajjajaa como me he reído leyendo esto. Gracias por compartir la receta y el proceso tan entretenido.

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