The parental units are in town for my sister’s wedding. Last week was hectic and I can tell next week will be a blur, there will be wedding stuff, son stuff, house stuff and a lot of work stuff. Today I have to go buy shoes (I know!), take the dress to be altered (yes, the one I bought back in May), get shoes for my son and get my husband something to wear. Plus my Grandmother needs to buy a dress and my Mom wants to spend every waking moment with my son (which makes total sense, she only gets to see him once or twice a year). And then next Saturday my sister gets married. I think, no, I am 100% sure she will make a gorgeous bride. A couple of weeks ago I went with her to her fitting and I could tell she loved her dress and how much she wants this day. On the other hand I was going kinda crazy with so many white dresses around me. Its like that time when she got a gift card and was all excited screaming “MAC! MAC! MAC!” and I was like “Cool, the Apple Store!!!” and she said “NO! the cosmetics.” I still laugh at that. Growing up I wanted to be like my sister, I wanted to be my sister because my sister with all her imperfections and quirks to me is simply perfect. I want her to know she is whole, she is complete, in her power – her intelligence – her resoluteness – her own decision making – her planning – her control freakness she is loved. She is loved by us, her totally crazy wacky family that might drive her bonkers but would turn the world around for her. By us three she is adored just as she is. And if you ask me, anyone she decides to allow in her life is the lucky one.

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4 Responses to SOC: Parental Units/Wedding

  1. Kallay says:

    Oooo… I love MAC! If I had more money, I would totally buy all of my makeup from there. LOVE the Lip Glass.

  2. Jessica says:

    It sounds like you are one busy lady! Weddings can be so stressful that it’s easy to forget why they matter– they matter because they’re celebrations of the people we love. I love the nice things you said about your sister. I’m sure she feels the same!
    Jessica recently posted..Thank you, J.K. Rowling

  3. What a nice post! I have a sister and I can relate, albeit, we have drifted lately. A good sister connection is so special and you’ve said such wonderful things here that I she understands how special she is to you! She’s very lucky to have you as a sis! :)

  4. Viggy says:

    Reading your story…made me think of my brother. We are soooooooo different, but I love him so much, and now that we don’t spend much time together (now that we live in different countries), when we do meet it’s all amazing quality time!!! Can’t wait to read about the wedding!!!

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