A little intro before my 5 minutes – yesterday I attended HeartCamp an unconference conference where all matters of the heart (emotional, physical, relationship, sex,) were discussed.

Here it goes….

Have you ever had one of those moments when everything goes “click”? Where everything you’ve been learning, hearing, wanting comes together and you just understand and see things clearly. I guess it’s what Oprah would call and AHA moment. Well, I think I had one those yesterday. I attended the first HeartCamp South Florida and as I listened to the different speakers it was like beading a necklace. Piece by piece. Click. Click.Click. The heart speaking to me in ways I had not heard before and probably because I wasn’t listening. What was my heart saying? it all starts with self love and self worth. You must love yourself, show yourself compassion and stop the self sabotage – and boy does it come in different ways. It can be food, relationships, work, too much of this or too little of that or fear. You know fear is a biggie for me – it freezes me. I can’t get past it and it sucks. Fear is a bitch. Last year without much effort I was shedding some weight, I went to the doctor and saw how much I’d lost. I was happy but also got scared and in no time gained it all back. Why am I scared? What am I scared of? Why would any one be scared of being successful or getting what one wants? Why is getting rid of the excuse so scary? Learn how to feel, live, be in the moment, connect with you life, love yourself and your heart. Hug yourself. You are wonderful :)

This was my 5 minute Stream of Consciousness Sunday post. It’s five minutes of your time and a brain dump. Want to try it? Here are the rules…

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6 Responses to SOC Sunday: HeartCamp

  1. Love the AHA moments..love..and love that you had one this weekend. thanks for sharing!
    Ana L. Flores recently posted..Latina Bloggers Weekly Round-up Feb 2

  2. Erika Ruiz says:

    As always I love your posts<3
    I'm living in the AHA side for long…. and you are completely right things start making sense one after another, but it definitively has a lot to do with the LOVE to ourselves… as I say to my daughters "Love yourself first before you love anyone else"
    Hoho hahaha!!
    Love and laughter your way:D:D:D:D:D

  3. Fadra says:

    I’ve had those moments and I’ve found fear where I least expected it. I hope your AHA moment will help you overcome yours!
    Fadra recently posted..Just 5 Things… My Favorite Cookbooks

  4. Asi es, Helena. Fear is the Beast and our enemy if we allow it to curl up in our being. I enjoyed this post. That conference sounds super-interesting. How’d you find it? Did you attend alone? Want to hear more. Un abrazo! :)
    Ezzy Guerrero-Languzzi recently posted..I Want to Be Educated

  5. p.s. Me gusta tu new header. <3 the logo! I don't know why but it makes me think of chocolate. 😀
    Ezzy Guerrero-Languzzi recently posted..I Want to Be Educated

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