If you’re like me, and watch Project Runway, Nina Garcia may not be your favorite judge but she obviously knows a thing or two about fashion or she wouldn’t be so coveted at Fashion Magazines.
Now, at her current title Marie Claire, you can find an excerpt of what she wrote in her book “Nina Garcia’s Look Book: What to Wear for Every Occasion” which you can get from Amazon here if you’re ever in need of ideas.

In her article What to Wear to Different Events – Nina Garcia’s Tips on What to Wear – Marie Claire,she offers good tips on what to wear to a job interview: “chic, modern take on the classic suit” which means to add your own personal touch and style to it, so your personality comes through. And, remember keep accessories to a minimum, again, the concept here is to not distract from what you’re saying with what you’re wearing. A pair of stud earrings, like the Stella & Dot Tudor Studs shown here, match perfectly with a gray suit and the amethyst gives it a touch of color and fun, while still being classy and sophisticated.

For a first date: Nina suggests you forgo the impulse of buying something new for it, because “You’re much better off wearing clothes, shoes especially, that you’ve already tested.” The idea is that you need to be comfortable with it because most likely, you’ll be nervous about the date anyway. She recommends wearing “a simple tailored dress or a V-neck top paired with skinny jeans”. For this occasion, I would recommend that you show your style with accessories, here is definitely a moment you don’t want to portray an image of someone you’re not. A layered wrist is very much in style, very easy to put together, and looks great with jeans or a dress.

But most fascinating to me, was her tip on what to wear to get excused from jury duty! “if you have no desire to live out some Law & Order fantasy, you increase your chances of being excused “by dressing more suggestively, very eccentrically, or as if your outfit were laid out by your butler that morning,” she says. “Make them wonder who the hell you are.”

It never occurred to me to wear something NOT to look, what I considered was good. And now, perhaps I understand why some people wear these ridiculous outfits, they’re probably trying to get out of jury duty…have you ever worn something that you knew was not appropriate for the place or occasion on purpose? Please share!

So what if your wallet does not fit in the clutch you chose? Luckily most companies have also created the solution for this by adding key pouches or pouchetes to their offering; so that your ID, credit card, and loose bills will be contained. This month, one of these beauties will go to all hostesses of a qualified trunk show, interested? Contact me (hminino@gmail.com) for details.

2 Responses to Style by Hilda: What to wear or not to wear?

  1. Roechelle says:

    I’m your newest follower from the hop. check me out at http://hugatreewithme2.blogspot.com whenever u can

  2. Abraham Zavala-Quiñones says:

    After reading the above written post all I can say is:

    “Que complicado ser mujer, que bueno que soy hombre y no me hago un revolu la vida viendo que me pongo…VIVA EL MIKE ROWE STYLE”

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