Last weekend at #Latism12 I had the chance to experience the new Nintendo console WiiU. And even though I was exhausted, had been up since 4 in the morning, had been on two planes as soon as I started playing I felt happier and more relaxed.

I stayed in the Nintendo suite for at least an hour and they couldn’t get me off the games even though I pretty much was killed in the first three seconds of every game I played. Let’s just say that I was trying out Mario’s dying ability and it is off the charts! I really liked the new console and was about to buy myself one. But they are not for sale yet, we have to wait until November 18th.

One of the features everyone kept talking about was that this console is HD. It looks great.

It comes with a brand new controller called the WiiU Game Pad, which has a touch screen and this aparatico is great! You can have a player on the Game Pad, you can watch whatever you want on your TV and keep playing on the board. The board also works with the Wii Board! I really really really liked the Game Pad and playing the Ninja game on it was so much fun.

Also got to play Just Dance 4 and was surprised to see all the new songs. A lot of oldies like Barry White (which we danced to) but also Call Me, Maybe. The fun thing with the WiiU Game Pad is that you can choose which dance moves come next so you can throw off an kick whomever is dancing. Can you say more fun?

I invite you to watch the video and learn more about the new WiiU, which will still be available in white and black. Your old Wii games will still work and the accessories work as well.

So, who wants to play?

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  1. Dariela says:

    Oye te quedo chevere el video! Aprendí cosas del WiiU que no sabía todavía, jaja! Y eso que yo también fui a la suite varias veces!
    Dariela recently posted..LATISM 2012. How was it?

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